Armstrong launches medium vary line

Armstrong Fluid Technology has added a new dimension range to its Design Envelope Permanent Magnet pumps which are engineered to deliver 20% lower operating prices than variable pace pumps with normal induction motors.
The new pumps are available with motors ranging from 15 hp to 50 hp and function at NEMA Ultra-Premium Efficiency ranges. – Image: Armstrong Fluid Technology
The new pumps are available with motors ranging from 15 hp to 50 hp and operate at NEMA Ultra-Premium Efficiency levels that exceed the efficiency targets of each the US Department of Energy and the European Union.
The new Armstrong Design Envelope Pumps have several additional design options which make them extra energy-efficient and cost-effective. เกจวัดco2 s patented Parallel Sensorless Control which phases a quantity of pumps and regulates output for finest efficiency across the entire pump array, saving 10-30% in operating costs. They even have adjustable design factors and setpoint primarily based on actual on-site conditions, a quadratic pressure management curve that gives more effectivity than a linear pressure management curve and a constant-flow function for sustaining a desired move price in recirculation functions.
The new pumps also provide advanced connectivity through Armstrong’s Pump Manager, a Cloud-based performance monitoring service, which offers excessive levels of analytics and insights together with alerts, alarms and data storage.
David Lee, providing manager, Armstrong Fluid Technology, stated: “Better efficiency at higher RPMs signifies that in some cases a smaller Design Envelope Permanent Magnet Pump can deliver the same move and stress as a bigger, dearer competing mannequin, These new pumps additionally feature smaller dimensions and are inexpensive to buy and set up as a result of everlasting magnet motors provide a considerable discount in both dimension and weight.”

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