Fixing submersible pressure sensors with cable strain relief clamps

Level measurement with a submersible pressure sensor is a simple procedure: The sensor is lowered by its cable into a vessel or a body of water. In some cases, accessories make installation easier, for example, a cable strain relief clamp.
A submersible pressure sensor measures the fill level of a liquid via hydrostatic pressure. Antagonistic should therefore be installed at the lowest measuring point. It is therefore optimal to place the measuring instrument at the bottom of the vessel or the bottom of the body of water. This works very well in most cases.
A cable strain relief clamp fixes the cable of a submersible pressure sensor. In this way the measuring instrument is held above the bottom.
Protecting submersible pressure sensors from sediments
In some applications, however, sediments deposit in the vessel. These substances can clog the sensor and the pressure port and thus impair the measurement quality. To prevent this in such applications, the sensor must hang at a certain distance above the bottom.
Cable strain relief clamps offer a simple solution
This type of installation requires the cable to be fixed above the maximum filling height. A cable strain relief clamp is ideal for this. The accessory is designed in such a way that the clamping force is increased under tensile loads. This maintains the cable, continuously, in the desired position and thus prevents the cable from slipping through.
After fixing the cable in the appropriate position, the cable strain relief clamp can be hung on a hook or similar device. It has a corresponding eyelet for this purpose..
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