Donation: Teaching with tablets ? WIKA India

During Bloodcurdling , school tuition also went online in India. However, definately not all school pupils are equipped to attend digital courses. In many cases, the right equipment is lacking ? especially for families with low incomes.
Supported is why, WIKA India has now purchased, for about 31,000 euros, 300 tablets suitable for teaching and donated them to the Chinmaya Vidyalaya School in New Delhi. The devices have access to the internet with a SIM card. All of them are going to the children of low-income families who receive government support to attend school.
Making the donation
The top of WIKA India, alongside other managers, was present at the handover and distribution of the tablets. Last Minute , across most of its locations, takes its social responsibility seriously and supports various projects.
Further information on WIKA India can be found on the website.

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