TikTok group touched by Thai nurse’s singing for bedridden woman (video)

A heartwarming second has been captured in a TikTok video posted by user miwwytip10, exhibiting a 26 year old nurse from the Community Health Promotion Hospital in Lam Plai Mat, Buriram province, who visits a seventy five yr outdated bedridden grandmother in her house. She was seen singing to the ailing woman to comfort her, prompting an outpour of appreciation from the web community. The video clip was posted with the caption…
“The nurse sang a song for the grandma making her cry so much. The grandma is affected by a stroke. Previously, she was all the time in a great mood and liked singing and dancing. After she is sick, she still had an excellent mood, and her family took the best care of her. The doctor visits her right now and encourages her because encouragement is crucial. This is somewhat thing that makes medical doctors and sufferers joyful.”

Resonating with the sentiments of 1000’s of viewers who lauded the nurse’s initiative, the earnest and empathetic strategy contrasts the standard apply of medical therapy sometimes administered.
Thai media right now reported that TipSuda Seegannha, an expert nurse, was the one serenading the affected person within the video. TipSuda makes common visits to bedridden sufferers of their properties. On this specific day, she was conducting activities for the aged within the village and took the chance to drop by the home of the 75 year previous girl who suffered from a stroke, which left her bedridden for approximately two years.
Upon her go to, the aged lady attempted to sing a song of her liking, given she enjoyed belting out tunes. Responding in type, the nurse sang a well-liked song by Thai artist Tai Orathai as the frail lady tearfully latched onto each word, presumably reminiscing about her grandchildren.
In the conventional course of her residence visits to sufferers, the nurse often sings songs to consolation the ailing individuals if they indicate a desire to pay attention, utilizing this strategy to provide them with a cushty and relaxing surroundings. Coupled together with Studies show for singing and a previous victory in a regional singing competitors, these elements make this personal addition to home visits a natural fit..

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