What’s mistaken with this picture?

UBON RATCHATHANI: What’s mistaken with this scene: a man and a girl sitting side-by-side, happily ingesting beer together to have fun the purchase of a new car. Although it could appear to be a scene straight out of a automobile business, this otherwise joyful picture becomes tainted when the person involved is a monk and the scene is the monks’ quarters in a temple. A group of 30 indignant villagers in Ubon Ratchathani’s Amphur Chongmake went straight to the top to vent their displeasure over the alleged wanton habits of senior monk Pra Khamphan Oon, and introduced a written request to Ubon Ratchathani Governor Chaisit Hoderakit to look into the matter. In order to back up their claims, the villagers offered the governor and the press with two shocking pictures of the monk in action: the primary, with him sitting in his quarters subsequent to a mysterious woman from Chantaburi, identified only as “Khaek”. Beside the happy pair was a bottle of beer and a half-full glass of the brew. From the pictures it appeared the monk had been drinking. The second picture provided a view of the monks quarters, which was adorned with hand-drawn sketches of naked ladies on the partitions and a pile of pornographic books mendacity atop the monk’s saffron-colored robes. The monk had apparently not freed himself of the chains of lust. Although the senior monk admitted to consuming beer, he stated he had drunk solely a single bottle – and didn’t think about it an enormous deal. He added that he simply wanted to have fun the purchase of a brand new automobile, which, he added, was bought together with his personal cash. As for Little-known , his words had a strange Clintonesque echo: “I didn’t have sex with that girl,” he mentioned, backing up this claim, oddly, by adding, “because I even have relatives coming to go to me on a regular basis.” But privacy is a rare commodity in a Thai villager, and even rarer in a Thai village wat. Villagers insisted that Pra Kamphan was a habitual drunk and had already signed his identify to a written promise that he would depart the monkhood. However, apparently pleased with the life-style, he had so

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