Unbear-lievable scandal at Chinese zoo: Are sun bears truly people in bear suits? (video)

A Chinese zoo categorically denied its solar bears are humans wearing bear fits. Hangzhou Zoo finds itself embroiled in controversy as speculations swirl on social media, alleging that its sun bears may not be genuine creatures however people in bear fits.
The uproar erupted when pictures of one of many zoo’s solar bears, a species native to Southeast Asia, was captured on digital camera standing upright in its enclosure surfaced, prompting doubts online about its authenticity.
While it isn’t uncommon for bears to face on their hind legs to gain a better view of their environment, the actual pose of Hangzhou Zoo’s sun bear triggered a barrage of accusations. Some netizens questioned whether the animal was, in reality, a zoo employee in disguise due to the way its fur sagged above its legs.
Addressing the mounting allegations, Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang province, took to its social media account, the place they shared statements supposedly from Angela, the Malaysian solar bear residing in the zoo. She said…
“Some individuals assume I stand like a person. It appears you don’t understand me very well.”
The zoo vehemently affirmed that their sun bears are real and distinct, regardless of their smaller size in comparability with different bear species.
The controversy caught the eye of the Chinese newspaper Hangzhou Daily, which reported on the public’s scepticism, stating that some online users raised concerns in regards to the bears doubtlessly being “humans in disguise.”
The distinctive posture of the sun bear sparked humorous comparisons, with one social media consumer likening it to “wearing a leather jacket.” Others commented on its posture, deeming it “more upright” than an average particular person.

Hangzhou Zoo sought to dispel the rumours by providing data on sun bears’ traits. These creatures are about the size of enormous canines and can stand as much as 1.3 meters tall on their hind legs, fairly distinct from towering grizzlies and different species that can reach as a lot as 2.eight meters in peak.
In response to the circulating doubts, a spokesperson for the zoo recorded an audio message on a Chinese social media platform, WeChat, reassuring the public that the solar bears were genuine animals.
Classified emphasised that a state-run facility would by no means take pleasure in such misleading practices. Furthermore, the spokesperson debunked the notion of a human in a bear suit, mentioning that the extreme summer temperatures, hovering as a lot as forty levels Celsius, would trigger the disguise to collapse inside minutes.
As the controversy unfolds, Hangzhou Zoo is arranging visits for journalists, providing an up-close encounter with the sun bears to address the scepticism and silence the rumours.
This isn’t the primary time Chinese zoos confronted scrutiny over animal authenticity. Other situations included accusations of dogs dyed to resemble wolves or African cats and donkeys painted to masquerade as zebras.
Amid the keenness of social media speculations, Hangzhou Zoo stands firm in its denial, maintaining the authenticity of its solar bears and vowing to quell the doubts with transparency and evidence..

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