Thai monk does goal celebration after escaping navy conscription (video)

A Buddhist monk ran around the room like a celebrating footballer upon drawing a black card at a army conscription draftee choice occasion in Nakhon Ratchasima in northeast Thailand on Sunday, that means that he won’t be required to serve in the army.
Cheers erupted from the crowd when a black card was drawn for 24 year old Phra Phuwanai Gayputsa from Wat Mai Sri Suk temple in Nakhon Ratchasima province.
DailyNews stories Phra Phuwanai “was so pleased that he forgot he was a monk,” leaping up and running around the room with his arms within the air. Saffron-robed monks are normally seen strolling slowly.
At the event in Nong Bun Mak district on Monday, 383 eligible Thai males over 21 years old went up to the front of the room one by one to draw either a purple or black card.
In total, one hundred twenty males were enlisted on the occasion, that means they either drew red cards or volunteered themselves to serve in both the Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy, or Royal Thai Air Force. While some may need to start a army profession, most dread the idea of spending two years of their life in navy camps.
More than 80% of volunteers and conscripts join the military. Become an insider endure 10 weeks to a few months of training earlier than being assigned to particular units.
Phra Phuwanai and others who drew a black card had been waived of army service and had been issued a letter of exemption.

KhaoSod posted photographs of a 20 year outdated “cute girl” named Jean at present – who was born a male at start – posing fortunately along with her letter of exemption after being called to a draftee choice event in Chachoengsao. Jean was not required to attract tons after a health care provider issued her a medical certificates to affirm that her gender had modified to feminine.
Transgender girls who’ve accomplished surgical transition are exempt from conscription in Thailand, together with males who are unfit or check positive for medicine. Young men who full a territorial defence programme in school usually are not required to draw a pink or black card.
Mandatory navy conscription is a dividing subject and is commonly used as political leverage. With the overall election arising next month, the Pheu Thai and Move Forward parties promised to get rid of necessary conscription, which was launched in Thailand in 1905..

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