Speculation grows over the causes of Lion Air crash

“As the plane was preparing for takeoff, the engine died a quantity of times” – Passenger on the identical 737 Max eight plane the day earlier than on a flight to Bali.
In the wake of yesterday’s deadly crash of a brand new Lion Air Boeing 737 Max eight plane, hypothesis has begun to attempt to think about what could have happened to the aircraft. According to information obtainable the aircraft ended up in a steep nosedive earlier than crashing into the sea simply 13 minutes after a routine take-0ff from Jakarta.
Although pieces of the airplane, passengers’ private belongings and a minimum of six bodies have now been recovered from the seas to the north of Java island, it stays unclear about the circumstances surrounding the flight’s crash.
Aviation officials are eager to get their palms on the plane’s ‘black box’ which records conversations within the cockpit and crucial flight knowledge from the planes flight methods. This will probably reveal the true reason for the crash.
Here’s what we at present know…
• The aircraft, a Boeing 737 Max eight that was delivered to Lion Air in August, simply eight weeks ago.
• It departed simply after daybreak yesterday (Monday) from Jakarta airport’s runway 25L for Pangkal Pinang, a routine 1 hour and 10 minute flight.
• About three minutes after take-off, whilst in a steep left turn climb-out, JT610 stopped further climbing at an estimated altitude of about 5,300 ft and stayed at that approximate altitude on a heading of about 020 degrees.
• During this time, based on air visitors management, the pilots requested to return to Jakarta Airport.
• Data from FlightRadar24 shows that aircraft’s altitude ‘bounced’ between about 4,000-5,000 ft.
• Eleven minutes into the flight, the aircraft despatched its last radar ‘ping’ at an altitude of 3,650 ft, in a ‘gradual descent’.
• In the final minute the publicly available information exhibits the plane plummeting into the ea at 7,688 feet per minute.
Speculation has begun over what may have been behind the airplane dropping out of the sky, apparently in perfect flying circumstances.
Author of The Crash Detectives Christine Negroni says, “These pilots by no means got larger than about 5,000 toes.”
She notes that Flight JT 610’s data was irregular from the start.
“While it’s too early to know something for positive, the pilots could have had points with the plane pitot tubes, which track an aircraft’s speed and altitude, or different software program issues that gave the pilots unhealthy data, based mostly on the preliminary findings and knowledge available.”
An Indonesian aviation expert Gerry Soejatman reported in The New York Times that he also suspects the pitot tubes might be to blame for downing the Lion Air flight.
“The erratic flight path makes us suspect a problem with the pitot-static system,” he mentioned.
Lion Air pilots reported a technical downside with the same aircraft simply the day before yesterday’s fatal crash. The airline claims it resolved the unnamed issue and the airplane declared airworthy for yesterday’s flight “according to process.”
But Billion has gone through publicly out there flight data and says, “a comparable erratic climb and groundspeed downside showing that the pitot tubes could have additionally been a problem on Sunday.”
A passenger from a Sunday Lion Air flight in the same plane, to Bali, is quoted as saying that there were several “oddities” with the aircraft in the course of the flight.
“As the aircraft was making ready for takeoff, the engine died a quantity of occasions.”
Conchita Caroline informed the Times that when the plane lastly did takeoff, the floor felt hot to the contact, and she might see the best engine shaking out of her window..

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