Pfeiffer Vacuum expands the OktaLine ATEX collection

Roots pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum’s OktaLine are best for use in processes in potentially explosive environments or for evacuating explosive gases. Designed in accordance with the ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU1 and/or 1999/92/EC) with pressure surge resistance of PN 16, they meet the very highest explosion safety requirements.
Zone entrainment of explosive gases is dominated out consequently. Potential applications vary from the chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to industrial functions such as vacuum furnaces or heat remedy.
As a results of the growth of the series, pumping speeds vary from 280 to eight,100 m3/h. Depending on the appliance, there is a selection between equipment category 2G or 3G. All pumps are appropriate for temperature class T3. เกวัดแรงดัน is feasible without flame arresters. This signifies that, effectively, the full pumping speed of the pump is on the market.
The pumps are suitable for universal use as a end result of their variable differential strain and flexible rotational pace. All pumps can be utilized at ambient temperatures starting from -20 °C to + forty °C.
In view of their magnetic coupling, OktaLine pumps are hermetically sealed and achieve extremely low leak charges of 10-6 Pa m3/s. The magnetic coupling eliminates the need for shaft seals, that are inherently weak points if it involves stress surges and are high-maintenance. OktaLine ATEX pumps are stress surge resistant as much as 1600 kPa. Due to their magnetic coupling, there is no danger of zone entrainment. The built-in temperature sensor protects in opposition to thermal overload and screens the gasoline temperature in the outlet space.
Compared to pumps with shaft seals, the OktaLine’s magnetic coupling achieves up to 20 percent lower working costs and considerably decreased upkeep prices. OktaLine Roots pumps can additionally be operated without a bypass, since ATEX safety is guaranteed even with passive rotation (windmilling). The use of ATEX IEC motors implies that replacement on website is quick and simple.

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