Norwegian-flagged ship with 6 Covid-19 infections off Songkla

A Norwegian-flagged ship is presently floating off the coast of Songkla within the south of Thailand with 6 crew members contaminated with Covid-19. The offshore assist vessel is known as the Boa Deep C and is currently anchored close to Ko Nu Island and awaiting additional instructions. A spokesman for the Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre confirmed that the boat has been waiting there since May 12.
At the Songkla Deep Sea Port, an official in the International Disease Control Office reported that the boat has 29 crew members on board for a journey that started on May 1 from India. The boat previously docked at port in Singapore for a stopover before travelling on to the Thai port.
The offshore assist vessel arrived within the area round 8 am 0n May eleven. At that time, Port of Songkla officials inspected the ship’s documents and administered Covid-19 swab exams to all folks on board. The ship was initially cleared to journey on to Chon Buri and departed at 5 pm.
But later that evening around 10 pm, test outcomes got here back and revealed that 2 crew members from Ukraine, 2 from Poland, 1 from Russia, and 1 from India all tested positive for Covid-19. The ship was instantly ordered to return back to Songkla port by the native marine workplace.
The vessel arrived back the following day and was instructed to anchor by Ko Nu Island and await additional updates. They have been informed that travelling to some other seaport in Thailand or a close-by oil platform was strictly prohibited for any crew member. Safety was established on board the ship to isolate and begin treatment of the six Covid-19 infected crew members. None have reported any severe signs yet.
The maritime enforcement centre has dispatch patrol boats to observe the waters around the vessel and be positive that no one leaves the Covid-19 contaminated ship and that no one is allowed onto the boat. Officials in Songkla will proceed to observe the boat, stating that the ship is free to return to its country of origin at any time as long as they inform Thai officials first..

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