Brownnose bloodsucker

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: A man was admitted to Bua Yai Hospital on June 7 with complaints of stomach pains, which he mentioned have been attributable to a leech that crawled up inside his anus while he was attempting to catch fish for his wife’s dinner. Nong Chingpho, 43, advised doctors that he had intermittent stomach pains for about a month, ever since his wife noticed a leech crawl into his backside. He tried taking anti-worm drugs, but the pains persisted and he typically observed blood in his feces, he told doctors. Doctors on the hospital X-rayed K. Nong, but discovered nothing out of the strange. To be on the protected side, they determined to maintain him in overnight for statement and to rearrange for him to be X-rayed again at Maharaj Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, which has more superior X-ray tools. K. Nong explained that on May sixteen his wife said she wished fish for dinner, so he went to try to catch some at a pond nearby railway tracks in Namcharoen Village. After a while, he began to toes itchy. Coming out of Behind the scenes , he noticed numerous leeches clinging to his physique. He pulled the bloodsuckers off and obtained again in the water, determined to catch a fish. But not lengthy after he did, he felt an itch round his anus and once more obtained out of the water, K. Nong mentioned. Waiting by the side of the pond was his wife Aphinya, 40. He requested her to have a look to see what was making his discomfort. She pulled down his shorts – he was carrying no underpants – and was shocked to see the tail finish of a leech, a minimum of three centimeters lengthy, hanging out from his anus. K. Aphinya grabbed the leech and tried to pull it out, but couldn’t get a firm grip on its slimy exterior. When her fingers slipped off its body, the leech labored its method properly up into K. Nong’s bottom, he said. When he returned home he took anti-parasite medication, but was nonetheless not sure if the leech had died or not. A few days later, he developed a abdomen ache that continued, on and off, until eventually he decided he ought to see a well being care provider to search out out if the leech was responsible. “I wish to warn anyone w

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