Tile sample ice cream: Must-try ice cream at Wat Arun in Bangkok

A Bangkok café and restaurant has created a scrumptious, arty ice cream to help help the training of monks and novices and pay for the upkeep of a well known temple in the capital.
The Arun-Cafe Coffee & Restaurant has conjured a 3D ice cream which has been crafted to reflect the ceramic tiles adorning the central prang (which means tall tower-like spire) of Wat Arun, also called the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok. The ice cream went viral amongst Thai folks and vacationers, especially Chinese and Japanese guests.
Arun-Cafe Coffee & Restaurant, located close to Wat Arun, contributes its earnings to help the training of monks and novices. Additionally, income are used to cover medical expenses for each monk, in addition to the continued construction and renovation of temple initiatives.
The cafe started offering 3D ceramic tile sample ice cream a few weeks ago. The ice cream showcases 4 major patterns inspired by the ceramic tiles embellished on the central tall tower within the temple which is named Phra Prang Wat Arun amongst Thai folks. With the flower-like sample, the ice cream has the identify “Flower at Dawn” which fits along with the title of the temple, Temple of Dawn.
The ice cream comes in two flavours: butterfly pea coconut milk, and Thai tea. The two flavours characterize a well-liked beverage in Thailand, Thai tea, and the main ingredient of Thai dessert, coconut milk. Visitors should buy the ice cream at 89 baht every.
The individual behind this popular ice cream is Tarn, the CEO of the ice cream shop named Pop Icon 3D Ice Cream. Tarn revealed throughout an interview with ThaiRath that she is a former marketing specialist who turns herself right into a product researcher and developer. So, Underground used both expertise to create the ice cream.
Tarn defined that she dreamt about being an ice cream seller and a traveller. Now, she mixes both passions to craft an ice cream that may draw vacationers to a travel destination. Tarn added that in the future she plans to present the signatures of different travel locations via ice lotions and in addition plans to increase more flavours in her tile pattern-inspired ice cream.
For those that need to try the 3D ice cream, Arun-Cafe Coffee & Restaurant is positioned about 750 metres away from Itsaraphap MRT station or a couple of ten-minute stroll..

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