Lottery buffs thirst for Je Fong Beer’s Facebook forecast ahead of final draw

Today, lottery buffs eagerly anticipate the ultimate draw, as popular lottery skilled Je Fong Beer shared her predictions on Facebook. Frenzy of fortunate numbers, two-digit mixtures, and government savings bank numbers for lottery fanatics to consider, along with a blessing for success.
This week, Je Fong Beer’s lottery predictions for today’s draw focus on the number 6. The two-digit combinations suggested are 60, 65, and 69, while the single-digit numbers include sixty four, 746, 576, and 361. Lottery players should also pay attention to 7, 5, and 9 as potential lucky numbers.
As for the federal government financial savings bank numbers, Je Fong Beer puts emphasis on the number 8. She advises that two-digit numbers eighty four, eighty five, and 87 may bring luck, and her single-digit predictions are 81, 618, 683, and one hundred eighty.
In her Facebook post, she wrote…
“June sixteen, 2023, wishing everyone good fortune. May the grace of Lord Ganesha bless us all with success and prosperity.”
Meanwhile, a quantity of other distinguished individuals have shared their lottery predictions on which numbers will probably bring fortune this time.
Monsit Khamsoi shared that number 308 has been asked from Pumpuang Duangjan as a possible lucky number.
Kungploy Kanitarin additionally introduced 954 as a attainable successful number, following a ritual carried out on the puppet “Pee Nuan,” a famous pregnant lady puppet.
Maenam Nueng, who has fed a spirit offering, instructed quantity 594 for the lottery draw. She additionally asked locals to be conscious of buying Thai lottery tickets too.
Two albino eels were caught. People suppose that the two albino eels bring luck, and each time they see them, they have good luck. The villagers burned incense, which later showed the number 9..

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