Doctor’s cryptic handwriting decoded by TikTok, eases apprehensive sufferers (video)

Patients are baffled by the medical outcomes, which doctor’s handwriting, deciphered by social media
A important number of sufferers are baffled by the seemingly unclear and cryptic handwriting that their doctors have left on their medical data. A recent video uploaded to TikTok by useri1cmekf8bo with the intention of clarifying the scenario has obtained multiple million views and sparked a dialog in regards to the matter on the internet.
The user pokes fun at themselves in the hilarious video by questioning the importance of their medical findings and jokingly asking if they’ve an intestinal parasite as a result of the doctor’s notes look like rising and falling squiggles. As a results of the video’s overwhelming reputation, a nice quantity of internet users commented on how they were unable to decipher the handwriting. Given how wavy it was, some people even made fun of the concept it may be a sign of a blood clot.
Finally, Sneak peek clarified that the baffling handwriting is a representation of the abbreviation “WNL,” which stands for “Within Normal Limits.” This signifies that the individual’s medical results fell throughout the acceptable range of attainable values. Now that the riddle behind the doctor’s mysterious scrawl has been solved, the anxious sufferers can rest easier..

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