CDI Energy Products extends WSP line

CDI Energy Products, Inc. has introduced a new product line to its Tuff Breed product family of Well Service Packing (WSP) used to seal reciprocating pumps within the downhole strain pumping market.
The new WSP Extreme Series options the next technology of packing which makes use of fibre reinforced elastomers – Image – CDI Energy Products
The new WSP Extreme Series options the following generation of packing which uses fibre strengthened elastomers which offers a wonderful packing life, and high ranges of safety and environmental performance.
The series includes four completely different pressure ring options including bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, to offer the end-user with the most appropriate product for their manufacturing software.
CDI’s Well เกจ์วัดแรงดันแก๊ส , Paul Helton, said that the corporate had endeavoured to create a model new WSP line to fulfill the increasing challenges in the downhole strain pumping market. He added: “When combined with our SandDog header ring, the WSP Extreme Series substantially extends the lifetime of the packing set and causes much less wear and tear on the pump’s mating components, which means the fluid-end packing bores and plungers.”
As part of the product growth process, CDI labored with several industry-leading firms to judge and to in-situ test the new stress ring line-up, which resulted in positive outcomes and customers realising a big ROI.
Tuff Breed merchandise are designed for a broad range of downhole stress pumping, cementing, and acidising functions for properly completion and stimulation.

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